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Top 4 Most Popular Tattoo Designs

The art of tattooing is probably one of the most popular body artworks that are being practiced all over the world today. While some get tattoos for decorative purposes, others get it for a much deeper purpose that may be emotionally or spiritually motivated. You can get a tattoo of just about anything you want. But if you want to be in fashion, then here are the top 4 most popular tattoo designs to have these days.

Tribal designs – tribal designs are probably the oldest type of tattoos you can get. As this style always manages to reinvent itself, tattoo designs that are inspired by tribal art have that classic feel about them. This means that they’ll never go out of style.

Pin up inspired designs – another classic tattoo design that has re-entered the scene are pin up inspired designs that are reminiscent of the forties and fifties. This style is not just for hardcore bikers anymore since even popular actors and actresses today are getting inspiration from different vintage designs.

Celtic designs – though Celtic designs used to be a favorite of people who come from a Celtic heritage, this tattoo design has also entered the mainstream as more and more celebrities are being seen sporting this theme in their tattoos. The great thing about Celtic symbols is that they usually connote a universal meaning that almost everyone can relate to.

Personalized designs – and lastly, personalized tattoos are still quite the popular choice for people who want to have that unique mark on their bodies. Whether it’s a picture of a beloved, or the name of their child, people are getting personalized tattoos that have a very strong meaning to them.

Always remember that when choosing a tattoo design for yourself, you shouldn’t just base your choice on the most popular tattoo designs, but you also need to make sure that it has a significant meaning in your life. This way, you won’t find yourself regretting it in the end.

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The Most Popular Body Parts to Place Your Tattoo

So you’ve finally decided to get a tattoo. After the grueling task of settling for a design and a tattoo artist, it’s now time to think of where exactly you should place your tattoo. Since it’s always key to remember that the design and the body part where you’ll put the tattoo should always compliment each other, you should make the right choice in deciding just where to place your work of art. Here are the most popular body parts to place your tattoo.

Upper arm – topping the list is the upper arm or the bicep. As this is one of the most popular body parts to place your tattoo, there are many designs that are dedicated to work perfectly on this body area. Make sure that the tattoo you plan to place in this area is proportional to your upper arm because the last thing you need is a tattoo that looks like it’s out of place.

Ankle and foot – ankle and foot tattoos are also starting to become quite the popular choice, especially with the female population, since there are a lot of feminine and delicate designs that are dedicated to this area. However, if you’re more concerned with the pain factor, you may want to consider other much fleshier areas.

Chest – the chest area is also a favorite among the men and even many women, as it is said to be one of the less painful areas to get a tattoo on. The chest area is perfect if you’re you feel that there are times you’ll need to hide your tattoo since this area can easily be covered by any type of shirt.

So there you have it, the most popular body parts to place your tattoo. Regardless of the area you choose, make sure to think long and hard before having your tattoo done so that you won’t regret it in the end.

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Popular Tattoo Designs for Women

Women generally have a different outlook towards finding the perfect tattoo. If the key symbol for men is strength and masculinity, women on the other hand find the more delicate designs appealing. This is why, if you want to get a tattoo, it’s important that you go to a tattoo parlor that regularly has female clients. This way, you get the expertise of tattoo artists who know how to work with women. Want to know what the most popular tattoo designs for women are? Then here is a short list that can help you find that perfect tattoo.

Aesthetically pleasing – since most women are after aesthetically pleasing pieces, popular designs today are those that have a nature theme to it. Flowers are still a big hit, so are butterflies and fairies. Stars have also become quite the popular choice ever since some female celebrities have started to sport this design.

Symbolizes femininity – popular tattoo designs for women also include those that symbolize femininity and fertility. Japanese cherry blossoms make great tattoos for women since they are the ultimate representation of femininity in Japanese culture. You may also want to look into Celtic and tribal symbols that connote fertility.

Has special meaning – lastly, you can also choose tattoo designs that have a special meaning to you. Since tattoo artists have become very skilled compared to their counterparts in the past, you can choose to have your own personalized design tattooed on your body. Some great ideas involve names or initials written in cursive lettering.

Though there are many generic tattoo designs that you can choose from, make sure to take the time to really go through the pros and cons of that certain design in your head. Don’t forget to also consider other factors such as the coloration of the tattoo and the place where you should have it. A tattoo should be able to represent you perfectly, so choose wisely.

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Popular Tattoo Designs for Men

When it comes to the subject of choosing tattoo designs, it’s just natural for men and women to have different perspectives towards it. Men usually choose tattoos to depict their personal strength and courage while for women, tattoo designs are chosen for decorative purposes. If you’re finding it a bit difficult to choose a tattoo design for you, then here is a short list of the most popular tattoo designs for men today.

Symbols of masculinity – though most men will not admit to this, one of the key reasons why men get tattoos is to prove their masculinity. This is why you’ll find that tattoo shops will never run out of flaming skull designs or crossbones. Today, favorite masculine symbols include tribal artwork, Japanese dragons and the ever-classic barbed wire as these designs ideas make great bicep and chest tattoos.

Links to the past – popular tattoo designs for men can also be a way to signify a man’s link to his past. For some, it can be the family coat of arms while for others it can be a picture or a name or a beloved that has already left this world. As tattoo designs go, vintage inspired pieces like 1940’s pin up girls are starting to make a comeback in these modern times because they provide a remembrance into one of the most important and tumultuous eras of the past.

Art pieces – if you think that you’ll able to bear hours of pain on the tattoo chair then you might want to consider turning your tattoo into a full fledged art piece. Tattooing has come a long way from the time when most tattoos were just 2 designs. Nowadays, you can have it in a myriad of different colors and shading, giving you a chance to have more elaborate tattoo pieces. Popular choices today are inspired by Japanese art which include koi fishes, geishas and samurais, in one extravagant piece of body art.

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Design Your Own Tattoo

Do you want to design your own tattoo? If you’re looking for a personalized design that can represent you perfectly, then here are a few things that you’ll need to consider in designing your own tattoo. It’s not as simple as taking out a piece of paper and sketching what you want. Though that can be a great start, you also need to look into some other factors as well.

Where to put it?

This is the first question that you’ll need to answer if you want to design your own tattoo. This way, you can get a grasp of just how big or small the canvas you’ll be working with is. As a rule of thumb, keep your smaller tattoos in the delicate areas such as hands, fingers and the nape while elaborate pieces are much more effective on the back or the chest.

What kind of color scheme to use?

After you have figured out where to put your tattoo, the next thing that you need to think of is the color scheme. Depending on the effect that you’re going for, you can choose to make a monotone design or a colorful one, complete with all the shadings. Make sure that you communicate your ideas regarding color with your tattoo artist before he or she starts with the tattooing so that you’ll get exactly the design that you have envisioned.

What does the design personally mean to you?

Lastly, when it comes to designing your own tattoo, make sure that it means something to you. Getting a tattoo essentially means that you’re getting into a lifelong commitment, so make sure that you design one that you’ll be able to stick with for a lifetime.

Now that you have a better understanding on designing your own tattoo, you can now make your design that will be uniquely you.

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