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Popular Tattoo Designs for Men

When it comes to the subject of choosing tattoo designs, it’s just natural for men and women to have different perspectives towards it. Men usually choose tattoos to depict their personal strength and courage while for women, tattoo designs are chosen for decorative purposes. If you’re finding it a bit difficult to choose a tattoo design for you, then here is a short list of the most popular tattoo designs for men today.

Symbols of masculinity – though most men will not admit to this, one of the key reasons why men get tattoos is to prove their masculinity. This is why you’ll find that tattoo shops will never run out of flaming skull designs or crossbones. Today, favorite masculine symbols include tribal artwork, Japanese dragons and the ever-classic barbed wire as these designs ideas make great bicep and chest tattoos.

Links to the past – popular tattoo designs for men can also be a way to signify a man’s link to his past. For some, it can be the family coat of arms while for others it can be a picture or a name or a beloved that has already left this world. As tattoo designs go, vintage inspired pieces like 1940’s pin up girls are starting to make a comeback in these modern times because they provide a remembrance into one of the most important and tumultuous eras of the past.

Art pieces – if you think that you’ll able to bear hours of pain on the tattoo chair then you might want to consider turning your tattoo into a full fledged art piece. Tattooing has come a long way from the time when most tattoos were just 2 designs. Nowadays, you can have it in a myriad of different colors and shading, giving you a chance to have more elaborate tattoo pieces. Popular choices today are inspired by Japanese art which include koi fishes, geishas and samurais, in one extravagant piece of body art.

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