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Popular Tattoo Designs for Women

Women generally have a different outlook towards finding the perfect tattoo. If the key symbol for men is strength and masculinity, women on the other hand find the more delicate designs appealing. This is why, if you want to get a tattoo, it’s important that you go to a tattoo parlor that regularly has female clients. This way, you get the expertise of tattoo artists who know how to work with women. Want to know what the most popular tattoo designs for women are? Then here is a short list that can help you find that perfect tattoo.

Aesthetically pleasing – since most women are after aesthetically pleasing pieces, popular designs today are those that have a nature theme to it. Flowers are still a big hit, so are butterflies and fairies. Stars have also become quite the popular choice ever since some female celebrities have started to sport this design.

Symbolizes femininity – popular tattoo designs for women also include those that symbolize femininity and fertility. Japanese cherry blossoms make great tattoos for women since they are the ultimate representation of femininity in Japanese culture. You may also want to look into Celtic and tribal symbols that connote fertility.

Has special meaning – lastly, you can also choose tattoo designs that have a special meaning to you. Since tattoo artists have become very skilled compared to their counterparts in the past, you can choose to have your own personalized design tattooed on your body. Some great ideas involve names or initials written in cursive lettering.

Though there are many generic tattoo designs that you can choose from, make sure to take the time to really go through the pros and cons of that certain design in your head. Don’t forget to also consider other factors such as the coloration of the tattoo and the place where you should have it. A tattoo should be able to represent you perfectly, so choose wisely.

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