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The Most Popular Body Parts to Place Your Tattoo

So you’ve finally decided to get a tattoo. After the grueling task of settling for a design and a tattoo artist, it’s now time to think of where exactly you should place your tattoo. Since it’s always key to remember that the design and the body part where you’ll put the tattoo should always compliment each other, you should make the right choice in deciding just where to place your work of art. Here are the most popular body parts to place your tattoo.

Upper arm – topping the list is the upper arm or the bicep. As this is one of the most popular body parts to place your tattoo, there are many designs that are dedicated to work perfectly on this body area. Make sure that the tattoo you plan to place in this area is proportional to your upper arm because the last thing you need is a tattoo that looks like it’s out of place.

Ankle and foot – ankle and foot tattoos are also starting to become quite the popular choice, especially with the female population, since there are a lot of feminine and delicate designs that are dedicated to this area. However, if you’re more concerned with the pain factor, you may want to consider other much fleshier areas.

Chest – the chest area is also a favorite among the men and even many women, as it is said to be one of the less painful areas to get a tattoo on. The chest area is perfect if you’re you feel that there are times you’ll need to hide your tattoo since this area can easily be covered by any type of shirt.

So there you have it, the most popular body parts to place your tattoo. Regardless of the area you choose, make sure to think long and hard before having your tattoo done so that you won’t regret it in the end.

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