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Top 4 Most Popular Tattoo Designs

The art of tattooing is probably one of the most popular body artworks that are being practiced all over the world today. While some get tattoos for decorative purposes, others get it for a much deeper purpose that may be emotionally or spiritually motivated. You can get a tattoo of just about anything you want. But if you want to be in fashion, then here are the top 4 most popular tattoo designs to have these days.

Tribal designs – tribal designs are probably the oldest type of tattoos you can get. As this style always manages to reinvent itself, tattoo designs that are inspired by tribal art have that classic feel about them. This means that they’ll never go out of style.

Pin up inspired designs – another classic tattoo design that has re-entered the scene are pin up inspired designs that are reminiscent of the forties and fifties. This style is not just for hardcore bikers anymore since even popular actors and actresses today are getting inspiration from different vintage designs.

Celtic designs – though Celtic designs used to be a favorite of people who come from a Celtic heritage, this tattoo design has also entered the mainstream as more and more celebrities are being seen sporting this theme in their tattoos. The great thing about Celtic symbols is that they usually connote a universal meaning that almost everyone can relate to.

Personalized designs – and lastly, personalized tattoos are still quite the popular choice for people who want to have that unique mark on their bodies. Whether it’s a picture of a beloved, or the name of their child, people are getting personalized tattoos that have a very strong meaning to them.

Always remember that when choosing a tattoo design for yourself, you shouldn’t just base your choice on the most popular tattoo designs, but you also need to make sure that it has a significant meaning in your life. This way, you won’t find yourself regretting it in the end.

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